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Wound Management Education Program (WMEP)

Coming in Fall 2024, pending WOCN accreditation!

We’re happy to share that we are currently undertaking the relaunch of our popular Wound Management Education Program (WMEP).

This high-quality training program was a pre-pandemic mainstay of our offerings. Of course, with the clinical placement aspect of the training was a significant challenge during the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to the cancellation of the program. A re-launch of the program, especially with our newly-revised format, requires a completely new accreditation effort with WOCN, but we anticipate having this program back online for Fall 2024.

The new format will allow for “rolling admission” so you can start your study at any time.

Once you’ve completed the online modules, you’ll sign up for a “bridge week” – a 1 week intensive here in Seattle at the top-ranked University of Washington School of Nursing! After your successful bridge week participation and appropriate compliance checks, you’ll be ready for your clinical placement. Clinical placements will be self-arranged, with assistance as needed, to allow for clinical learning experiences to potentially take place at any approved health care facility in the United States. We anticipate this new format will provide considerable flexibility for our participants while still enabling the high-quality learning and certification preparation this program is known for.

Thanks for you patience as we relaunch WMEP. Check back for more information!