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Online and On-Demand Programs

On-Demand Programs

Suicide Prevention

$120 | 6.5 CE | On-demand

This on-demand program meets the requirement for the State of Washington mandatory suicide prevention training for nurses (RCW 43.70.442) and has been approved by the Washington State Department of Health.

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Phone Triage

$299 | 10 CE | On-demand

This course is an opportunity to gain advanced skills in telephone triage, including de-escalation, working with patients in crisis, and choosing the correct triage protocol.

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Med-Surg 365

$599 | 46.5 CE | On-demand

This program provides a comprehensive update on key topics in evidence-based medical-surgical nursing practice.

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Wound Academy

$99 | 13 CE | On-Demand

The UW Wound Academy is a series of interactive modules that promotes excellence in the care, management and treatment of wounds covering basic concepts of wound assessment and wound healing and continues to more advanced topics.

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Conference Recordings

Adult/Geriatric Drug Therapy 2023

$170 | 5 CE | 5 PHARM

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Midwifery Update 2023

$140 | 5.3 CE | 3.1 PHARM

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Adult/Geriatric Drug Therapy 2022

$160 | 6.5 CE | 6.5 PHARM

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Cardiovascular Care Update 2021

$150 | 6.5 CE | 1.7 PHARM

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Diabetes Update 2021

$150 | 8.2 CE

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Hepatitis C 2021

$130 | 6.6 CE

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Oncology Update 2021

$120 | 5.8 CE

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Update in Medical Surgical Nursing 2021

$245 | 14 CE | .9 PHARM

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Advanced Practice in Acute and Critical Care 2021

$150 | 9.1 CE | 3.4 PHARM

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Immediate Response 2021

$140 | 7.4 CE

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Midwifery Update 2021

$120 | 7.3 CE

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Pediatric Drug Therapy 2021

$130 | 7.3 CE | 7.3 PHARM

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Online Programs

These multi-week online programs are designed for individual participants, but also offer a focus relevant to nursing specialties. All of the programs listed below have live speakers or instruction, with additional facilitation and learner support provided in some programs.

Foundations of School Nursing is a multi-week certification prep program to prepare experienced nurses.

Foundations for School Nursing

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Behavioral Health Series

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Leadership Sprint

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