Continuing Nursing Education

Wound Seminar


This collaborative approach to wound care will provide opportunities for feedback with other professionals regarding challenging clinical situations. Experts will offer current evidence-based approaches in wound care management. Format is designed for busy clinicians with a desire to grow their practice and gain tools to tackle real-life wound care challenges.

Each session will include:

  • Resources: Evidence-based resources available 24/7
  • Network: Online forum to connect with wound care professionals to discuss clinical challenges and share successes
  • Interactive: Webinars to learn from experts, pose questions and discuss content with other participants

Additionally, resources regarding professional development in the wound care sector will be incorporated. Opportunities to present professional projects and receive feedback will be available.

Objectives for Learning Outcomes

Through active engagement and collaboration as part of this facilitated seminar, participants will be better able to:

  • Increase knowledge and skills relevant to their practice in wound care.
  • Identify strategies to address some of the most challenging situations that wound care clinicians might encounter.
  • Appraise current literature relevant to practice.
  • Examine professional activities and skills that can be incorporated into the role of a wound care clinician.