Continuing Nursing Education
  1. Virtual booth 

  2. Booth at an in-person event 

  3. Live presentation during a ZOOM Webinar

Upcoming exhibiting opportunities

1) Virtual Booth (during on-demand and remote conferences)

Provide ample resources in our online exhibiting space. This will remain available after the conference as we will keep admissions open for 6 months. Attendees can enroll to access all the same speeches and sessions anytime throughout 6 month period.

For your virtual booth you can provide: 

  • Logo image
  • a 120-word description of your company/product
  • Resources ‐ Up to 5 links
  • Photos or Graphics (the more options the better!)
  • Quote or testimony
  • Link to video (2-3 minutes) highlighting products and/or services (company hosted)
  • Link to website
  • Contact information and/or Calendly link

How will attendees know about your virtual booth?

  • The exhibitor portal will be alongside the attendee’s training material and mandatory evaluation
  • Your logo and name will be visible and mentioned during the welcome speech and at each break.
  • Exhibitors will be featured in all attendee packets along with speaker info.
  • Logo and name will be visible on the Conference/Course webpage.

2) Live Exhibitors Booth  (for in-person events)

Exhibiting during live Events grants you the opportunity to meet and greet with all the participants, speakers, planning committee members to discuss your product and/or services.

3) Live presentation

Only available during certain Conferences. Please check with our Nurse planners or contact


For all questions regarding Exhibitors options, please contact Pascale at