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March 17, 2022

Become a Co-Sponsor of Wound Fundamentals

What Agencies say about the course

“I was so excited to see the enthusiasm of the students and their interest in wound care. They were really absorbing the information and building upon their clinical knowledge and what they have learned from this course.” 

“We had many discussions where their critical thinking skills with application to wound care amazed me. They will be my team here, the Skin Wound Assessment Team (SWAT) and to be able to provide this educational opportunity for them was an honor.”  Agency Coordinator

Top 5 Reasons Agencies Become Co-Sponsors

  1. Energize wound care team members to update their skills in evidence-based wound management.
  2. Improve standards of practice, policies and procedures around wound management at your agency.
  3. Save staff time, money, space, equipment and supplies!
  4. Enhance confidence, competence, critical thinking, interprofessional communication and patient outcomes at your agency.
  5. Customize wound care education to agency-specific needs.

Becoming a Co-Sponsor

Who are some of our Co-Sponsors?

Co-Sponsor Agencies

Course Format

This 30.0 hour introductory course in Wound Management is presented in two parts:
• Six Weeks Online Learning (16.0 contact hours): The online phase is taken independently which establishes a baseline level of knowledge for each participant. All assignments are completed and submitted online and can be accessed 24/7.
• Workshop (14.0 contact hours): Following the online phase, participants attend a workshop that includes lectures, demonstrations and case studies. Organizations may choose to hold the guided workshop synchronously with live transmission from Seattle or asynchronously with recordings of the workshop presentations.

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Co-Sponsorship Options and Fees

Agency workshops are led by certified wound care professionals (CWCN or CWS). If an agency does not have a certified professional to fulfill the role of the Agency Instructor, options are available and outlined below.

OPTION A: Agency-Led Workshop

  • Agency registrants attend the hands-on workshop onsite at their agency. An Agency Coordinator (AC) organizes the course. The Agency Instructor (AI) mentors participants throughout the course and leads the workshop onsite at the agency. The AC can be the AI or other non-certified staff member.

OPTION B: Live-Stream Workshop

  • Agency registrants attend the Livestream workshop independently or with group as designated by agency. Agency Coordinator organizes class and is responsible for providing agency-specific content.

Course Fee: $4000 (includes 1 to 10 registrations, $400 for each additional participant)

Course Leadership

Each organization designates a qualified candidate as the Agency Coordinator (AC). ACs are typically nurse educators who promote registration, monitor participation and create a positive learning environment. Agency Instructors (AI) are certified wound care professionals (CWCN or CWS) who mentor participants throughout the course and provide hands-on instruction during the workshop. A dedicated Agency Coordinator (typically a nurse educator) and Agency Instructor (CWCN or CMS) are essential to the success of this course. Responsibilities and qualifications for each role are outlined below and may be combined and carried out by one or more individuals. A Biographical Data Form and Disclosure Form is required for each Agency Coordinator and Agency Instructor for accreditation purposes.

Information Session

Learn about the course from experienced agency partners. We will demonstrate the tools available for managing the course and workshop. Contact Patty Morrison at for details.

Topics Covered in Video:

  • Agency Portal Resources: start at 00:31
  • Role of Agency Coordinator (AC): 06:43
  • On-demand Workshop: 11:53
  • Livestream Workshop: 14:23
  • Agency Hands-On Workshop: 16:42


Contact Patty Morrison at for details.